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This therapy similarly to acupuncture has its origin going all the wat to the ancient times where special cups or bumps are applied directly on the skin to create a suction. The main therapeutic benefits of this therapy is to help pain, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, as well as for a general relaxation. 

In our practice we focus on method called dry cupping in which suction is created directly on skin, but sometimes massage oil can be applied on skin to enable a cup movement for a deep-tissue like massage. The another method called wet cupping are not provided due to sanitary and safety concerns. 

The suction as shown on the picture pulls superficial layer of skin and muscle towards the cup. Cupping is a type of inverted massage in which instead of applying pressure to muscles, it gently pulls deeper tissues upwards and are left for about 10 to 15 minutes. Thus, it has more potent action in improving the blood circulation of the affected area like neck and upper shoulders. Most of patients find this therapy very relaxing and relieving. 

The side effect of cupping are mild and usually end up with bruising or marking on the skin that should naturally get back to normal look within 10 days. 

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